Endorsement: Single malt whisky and dark chocolate


I am a big fan of single malt scotch whiskies – the older, the better. I am also a big fan of dark chocolate – the more cocoa, the better.
Recently, I’ve been reading about the complementarity of good whisky and dark chocolate. Odd, I thought, with a hint of intrigue. I usually drink my whisky straight, rinsing my mouth beforehand to clear the situation for some focused, quality, unadulterated consumption. Never had I considered coupling whisky with a food item for increased pleasure.
Tonight, I put it to the test.
The whisky: The Glenlivet Archive (21 years), undiluted
The chocolate: Koko Black dark chocolate (74% cocoa)
The verdict: Amazing. The chocolate, itself a joyous thing, coats the palate just enough to highlight the best of the whisky, muffling any potential hints of alcoholic harshness (barely noticeable in the fine whisky mentioned above) and bringing out flavours that might be missed when drinking straight.
Try it, kids – life is too short to deny yourself these pleasures. And don’t simply swallow the whisky. Nose it. Swish it around a bit. Usher it across the palate with your tongue. Let it hang around in your mouth while you watch someone do something silly out on the street. Melt the dark chocolate evenly across your palate, then take a modest nip of the good stuff. Savour it.

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Suren Gunatillake

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