Music endorsement: Ulrich Schnauss – “Monday-Paracetamol”

The artist: Ulrich Schnauss

The track: Monday-Paracetamol

The year: 2003

The reason: Simplicity is a great thing. This instrumental track, has, at its core, just a few simple notes. It’s the brilliant production work that creates atmospherics and a resulting mood that turn this into one phenomenal piece of artwork. It’s so good that it has become my hi-fi reference track – that which is played to test the worthiness of equipment such as loudspeakers and amplifiers. A particular highlight is one particular bass note that, with the right furniture/speaker placement conditions, will vibrate windows in an entire house. A moment to cherish.

Serving suggestion: Lights off or eyes shut, or both. Ears wide open. Sitting upright, centred between two good loudspeakers, placed in a way that subtly and gracefully amplifies the lowest bass frequencies. Best enjoyed loud.

Written by

Suren Gunatillake

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