Article review: Managing Courses, Defining Learning – What Faculty, Students, and Administrators Want

A refreshing look at what the major stakeholders in the education game desire, with a particular focus on end-user needs: so often neglected in the education debate. An analysis is conducted on current learning systems, and opinions given (through surveys and personal reflection) on the makeup of future learning systems. There is a particular focus on high-participation web 2.0-type applications, together with a broad discussion of future ideas. The article is a very useful contribution to the overall debate on what is wrong with eLearning at the moment, and how best to solve these problems in the future.

Ali Jafari, Patricia McGee, Colleen Carmean. “Managing Courses, Defining Learning: What Faculty, Students, and Administrators Want.” Educause Review. D. Teddy Diggs. July 2006.