Article review: What’s Behind the Success of Web 2.0 – A Psychological Interpretation

Ayelet Noff, in her renowned web marketing blog “Blonde 2.0”, looks at the psychological factors behind participation in online communities and throws down the notion that we have created a generation of narcissists. Interpreting and sharing the findings of a Jewish psychiatrist, who explores the sense of self identity and the need to project a certain image to a surrounding community, wherever that may be. It is argued that web 2.0 is a social, rather than technological progression, where Internet developers have been able to leverage key technologies to naturally extend what we do ‘in real life’. This progression, the author continues, allows us to convey and evolve our identity in a number of ways and to a wider audience, fulfilling a basic human need to be known. Increased participation creates a need for incrementally more participation to retain and extend the image being portrayed, offering an explanation to why “web 2.0” has been so spectacularly successful.

Ayelet Noff. “What’s Behind the Success of Web 2.0? A Psychological Interpretation” Blonde 2.0. Ayelet Noff. 2007-09-18.

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Suren Gunatillake

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