Article review: Why Web 2.0 is Good for Learning and for Research – Principles and Prototypes

Carsten Ullrich and his team at Shanghai Jiao Tong University provide an excellent introduction and overview of how web 2.0 can be practically applied to enhance learning and research. Delving into the theory of constructivism and several key overarching concepts driven by the web 2.0 phenomenon, the article explores the impact of such concepts on the learning world. It goes on to explore how the web 2.0 applications of micro-blogging and social bookmarking can be used to increase participation and collaboration in online learning.

Carsten Ullrich, Kerstin Borau, et al. “Why Web 2.0 is Good for Learning and for Research.” Name of website. Carsten Ullrich. 2008-04021. Shanghai Jiao Tong University ELearning Lab. 

Carsten is also a integral and proud member of the Totuba team.

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Suren Gunatillake

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