Fun learning is the best learning

All learning should be fun. Surely even accounting instruction could be twisted in a way that would make it immensely engaging and interesting? 🙂  It’s surely possible, it just needs the right people in the right positions of influence to make it happen.

I remember some of the best learning experiences in high school were game based. Wherever it was fun, learning was easy. The classic whodunit adventure game “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” was a fine geography teacher. It then made an otherwise drab atlas much more interesting. 

On a similar topic, I had a discussion with one of my guys today about US politics. It came up in conversation that Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show makes it easy to take in political news. Why? Because it’s darn funny, and with a high level of accuracy to boot. Someone who would never watch the news could sit through The Daily Show, laugh, and learn something along the way.

Again: Make it fun, and it will be easy to learn. Why are there not more fun learning experiences out there?

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Suren Gunatillake

One thought on “Fun learning is the best learning

  1. I absolutely agree. There actually is scientific proof that your brain ‘saves’ information a lot better if this information is connected to a “pleasant” experience.
    But what makes learning actually fun? I started reading on different learning and teaching theories (please note the word “start”). When it comes to learning and teaching, there are different approaches coming from different fields of research.
    There are, for instance, experience-centered vs. mind-centered approaches (Situated cognition – cognitivist viewpoint). I think both are extremely interesting and both are to some extend right. I actually think that fun learning is an interaction of both approaches. I find the cognitivist approach helpful for designing the presentation of information in a way that makes it easy for the human brain to process. This tells me, for instance, how many words to put on one slide, how often I should repeat the information, where to put my pictures, and so on.
    On the other hand, situated cognition determines how we embed / integrate the presentation of information in our courses. The best ppt still needs a “fun” environment.
    And, last but not least, the instructors should have fun, should be enthusiastic about what they are doing. I remember how my favorite teachers and lecturers managed to engage in me in topics I considered really boring.

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