Dark chocolate endorsement: Marks & Spencer Fairtrade 72% cocoa

Name: Marks & Spencer Organic Fairtrade Dark Chocolate 72% cocoa solids

Price: RMB 20

From: Marks and Spencer Shanghai (Nanjing Xi Lu)

Cocoa origin: Peru and Panama

Upon bite: Smooth and creamy

Taste on the ‘buds: Cherry

Palate-attack level: Low, doesn’t linger

Bitterness rating: Low-medium (this is one of the creamiest 70%+ dark chocolates I can remember having)

Meltiness: High (break it without touching it, or be ready to lick fingers clean. Or get someone else to)

Best served with: Japanese green tea (for those in Shanghai, get the Genmai Cha by UjinoTsuyu, from Jing’an Freshmart). I haven’t yet tried it with a single malt. If and when I do, I shall update this post.

Verdict: Inoffensive, tasty and a worthy daily treat.

Rating: 9/10

Written by

Suren Gunatillake

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